Tilt Bed Trailers

In Business Since 2005 | Lifetime Structural Warranties | Locally Owned

Tilt Bed Trailers of All Sizes

No matter what equipment or vehicle you need to haul, you'll find the right tilt bed trailer for the job here at Great Northern Trailer Works. Since 2005, we've sold the strongest tilt trailers to our satisfied customers throughout the entire Pacific Northwest.Any questions? Feel free to give us a call at 541-459-6214. Be sure to ask about our structural lifetime warranty. Custom builds are also available.

7K and 10K Tilt Trailer

Total tilt, 18’ long and 84” between the fenders, a great equipment / car hauler!

14K Tilt Trailer

16’ tilt with a 4’ stationary or 19’ total tilt, our most popular equipment trailer. Comes with a lockable toolbox and a 10K drop leg spring retractable jack.

16K Tilt Trailer

Looks just like a 14K only tougher. Comes with 4000# rated tires in aluminum or steel wheels.

18K Triple Tilt Trailer

Triple axle baby! The only people who don’t like triple axle trailers have never owned a Great Northern! Set up just like the 14K and the 16K.

Single Axle Total Tilt Trailer

This 14’ long total tilt comes in 5’ wide, 6’ wide, and 7’ wide with your choice of GVW at 3.5K, 5K, and 7K. Handy equipment mover.